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Patrick Roberts

Patrick  Roberts
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    As an Investor Specialist with The Gibler Team, Patrick’s sole focus is helping investors buy rental properties! He understands the ins-and-outs of investing in real estate, including: the return on investment (ROI) calculations, the tax implications and most importantly — how to find the right investment properties for your portfolio. Real estate investing is a numbers game that’s won or lost when you pick an investment property to purchase.

    Patrick can help you make smart real estate investment purchases through properly identifying, analyzing and securing the best deal possible.

    1. Help you identify profitable properties. He can break down the acquisition costs, after-repair value, trends in the cost of rent in different neighborhoods, and how to compete with traditional buyers. Patrick will give you access to more properties through our large network of real estate connections and colleagues.
    2. Assist you in analyzing the potential ROI, including flips vs. long-term rentals vs. short-term rentals (like Airbnb and VRBO). He can also help advise what the best type of investing may be for your specific situation and goals. Real estate investing is a numbers game that’s won or lost when you pick an investment property to purchase.
    3. Implement the best strategies for acquiring the property. He can connect you with lenders that specialize in loans for certain types of investment properties, as well as inspectors, contractors and title companies.

    Prior to starting his real estate career, Patrick worked as a General Contractor rehabbing homes across the Greater Cincinnati Region, as well as helping children as a Pediatric ICU nurse. After purchasing his first home in Norwood with The Gibler Team in 2018, Patrick and Walt began investing in real estate and flipping homes together.

    Patrick and his wife Emily recently had their first child this past year. Family is a huge part of Patrick’s life. He also has a love for Ohio State University football — Patrick and Emily love watching college football on Saturday afternoons in the fall. A big foodie, he has a passion for cooking and trying different recipes.