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The Gibler Team

The Gibler Team Foundation

The Gibler Team helps families buy and sell homes in neighborhoods throughout The Greater Cincinnati Area and are able to see how unique and vibrant the city truly is. As Cincinnati natives, we want to help do our part to make sure our city continues to be a world-renowned place to live, work and play. We are thrilled to have the ability to help those around us through The Gibler Team Foundation! We established this Foundation help local children attending private schools who are affected by challenges, disabilities and hardships.

Our focus this year is to help children who have endured hardships and adversity, yet have had the courage and perseverance to overcome the challenges.  We are excited to help these much-deserved children and lessen the financial burden of private education on their families.

What We’ve Accomplished
In 2018 we awarded 10 scholarships to children with Autism, and in 2019 we awarded 16 scholarships to children with Cancer. In 2020, we awarded 24 scholarships to children that have endured traumatic hardships in their lives. All of these children were truly inspirational, not only surviving, but thriving in their everyday lives.

Total Scholarships Given: 50     Money Donated: $54,000