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An In-Depth Look at The Gibler Team Advantage

Your home will be featured on 850+ websites
One amazing perk of working with a Coldwell Banker agent is that your listing will be automatically
syndicated out to 875 real estate web sites, including the most well-known national sites such as
Zillow and Trulia to small local sites across the nation. You never know where your buyer will come
from so we make sure to cast the largest net possible!

I will be a featured agent branded on your home’s Zillow & Trulia Webpages
Coldwell Banker has primary placement on Zillow and Trulia webpages. These are the top 2 pages
that buyers use when looking for a home online. This is a benefit to you because interested buyers
will be connected directly to me, the agent who is most knowledgeable on your property!

Professional photography
We provide a professional photographer and spend hours making sure your home’s MLS listing is
just right. We carefully order our photos to mimic a walk-through of your home ensuring that our
first showing – online – engages a buyer’s emotional response that results in a private, in-person
showing. We take full advantage of the allotted character limit within MLS to create a story about not
only your home, but the lifestyle a buyer will live if they make it theirs. When appropriate, we’ll also oversee evening (“twilight”) photo shoots to further showcase your home’s unique aspects!

Drone Pictures
This gives buyers a bird’s eye view of your property and its surroundings. I find this especially
beneficial for properties that are located in a more rural area. Buyers will be able to see the
properties proximity to neighbors, main roadways and other landmarks.

Staging consult with Interior Designer
We can guide you through a detailed staging plan, providing cost-effective suggestions and
strategies, room by room, to help your home appeal to the most buyers. For vacant homes, or
clients wanting to remove their furniture, we can coordinate and oversee professional staging with
our partners. Our clients can choose help with furniture for just 1 room or an entire house can be
furnished and decorated.

We’re never too busy to roll up our sleeves and help you prepare your home for sale, either. From
moving furniture to help assess a room’s best layout and helping you hang pictures, to adding a few
finishing decorative touches, making your home stand out and grab a buyer’s attention as they walk through the door is our main objective.

Your home will have its own single property web site
Our marketing team will create a website featuring only your property. This unique site will allow
buyers to focus on the features of your home and not be distracted by other advertisements or

Custom Brochures, Postcards and Flyers will be created
Our brochures, postcards and flyers aren’t simply an auto-generated MLS print-out. They are full
color and carefully curated using the best photographs and descriptions. We want buyers spending
as much time with your home as possible; our marketing provides insightful and meaningful
information to potential buyers.

We advertise your home to specific demographics
When we send out marketing, we consider who the potential buyer will be. We customize our
methods of marketing to be advertised and seen by the people who will be most interested in your
unique property.

Facebook advertising
With Facebook being the biggest social media platform, we are able to reach thousands of potential
buyers by using targeted advertisements for your specific property. Our Facebook ads are just one
of the unique marketing platforms we use to find buyers for your home.

Coming soon marketing
We like to create a buzz about your property to generate as many serious buyers as possible.

  • Zillow: Days before your home appears for sale on the market, we advertise it as a “Coming
    Soon” Listing on Zillow.com. This helps generate anticipation and excitement about your
    property. Buyers and Agents will be lining up to see the property!
  • Signage: We like to put a coming soon sign up at the property before it officially hits the market. A lot of time, people who already live in the neighborhood may have family or friends who want
    to live in the area. This way they can let interested buyers know that your property is about to hit
    the market!

Interactive 360º Video Walk Through
Scan QR Code with you iPhone or Android Camera for an example.


In real estate, knowledge is power, and your Coldwell Banker® agent is a local-market expert. By sharing current market data, trends and a comparative market analysis (CMA), your agent will help you make an informed decision about your home’s market value and ideal asking price.

Factors that Impact Your Home’s Value:

  • Market Conditions – the current supply (or inventory) of homes for sale, buyer demand, interest rates and availability of financing, prices of recently sold properties, economic factors and seasonal demand
  • Your Home’s Condition – location, age, size of the home and lot, floor plan and architectural style
  • The Competition – the number of similar properties for sale and their prices, condition, location and financing terms

Factors that Do Not Impact Your Home’s Value:

  • Original Price – what you paid for your house
  • Needed Proceeds – the net cash proceeds you want or need
  • Opinions – what friends and neighbors say your home is worth


While buyers use a variety of resources to research properties for sale in their area, the vast majority find their new home online and with the help of a real estate professional.*

How Buyers Search for Homes

Online 93%
Real Estate Agent 86%
Mobile Sites and Apps 73%
Open House 53%
Yard Sign 46%
Online Video 37%
Print Newspaper Advertisement 13%

Where Home Buyers Found the Home They Purchased

Internet 50%
Real Estate Agent 28%
Yard Sign 7%
Friend, Neighbor or Relative 7%
Home Builder or Their Agent 5%
Directly from Sellers 3%
Print Newspaper Advertisement 1%


Home buyers are online – and one real estate brand gets more of their attention than any other. Our comprehensive internet marketing strategy puts your home in front of potential buyers locally, nationally and all around the world.

#1 Most-visited residential real estate brand online’

#500KSocial media followers

UP TO 700Websites displaying your property to buyers worldwide
500,000Buyer leads generated from coldwellbanker.com in 2018
91,800,000Visits to ColdwellBankerHomes.com in 20183