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It is very hard to imagine “yourself” living in a vacant property. Where will the couch go? Where would the TV be?…. That is why we recommend Virtual Staging for Our Clients selling homes that are currently vacant….

This is a free alternative for our clients (paid for by us) to traditional Staging… This gives the potential buyer a feel for the room and will help INCREASE the number of showings…

Traditional Staging is always preferred…. And now can be covered using our NEW RealVitalize Program Click Here For more information 

Virtual Staging Examples & Their Benefits:

Master Bedroom

Increased home sales

Home buyers are more attracted to real estate photos with well-furnished interiors rather than photos of an empty home. Images of rooms with nice bookshelves, comfortable sofas, and beautiful decor give off a feeling of life and warmth, making them think, “I could see myself living in this house!”. It’s this feeling and imagination that often prompts buyers to close the deal.

With virtual staging, you can digitally put nice furniture, decor, and accessories right in a vacant space. You can choose what furniture sets or specific pieces you’d like to add to a room, or you can simply send an empty image over to a virtual staging editor and have them work their interior design magic on the empty room.

Living Room & Kitchen

A preview of their home

It’s difficult to convince a buyer to purchase a home if they can’t visualize themselves actually living in the space. And in today’s day and age, 80% of home sales start online. That being the case, as a photographer/realtor, you need to do anything possible to get people excited about the home you are shooting or listing. By virtually staging a home, you are giving a potential home buyer a preview into what their life could look like in their new home.

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